This image was taken from wikimedia commons. Picture of Dallas, Texas. © Profleet Services 2010. 1719 Peters Rd. Ste 527a Irving, TX 75601 Conveniently located in Irving, Texas. We service domestic and foreign vehicles of all types. We perform the following and much more: For fleet vehicles and trucks, please click contact Profleet Services. For a complete solution for your vehicle fleet at affordable prices, and dependability. Se Habla Espanol For emission problems or service light issue, call Pro Auto Service Irving Texas at 972-438-2530 Emission Problem Repair For a complete tune up and check up on your vehicle's engines, Call Pro Auto Service Irving Texas at 972-438-2530 Electrical and Engine Repair Lighting or electrical in your vehicle can be a safety issue. call Pro Auto Service Irving Texas at 972-438-2530 Diagnostic and Repair. Ford f150, no matter the vehicle type, we service them all, call Pro Auto Service Irving Texas at 972-438-2530 Cheverlot tahoe, no matter the auto repair, we can take care of it, call Pro Auto Service Irving Texas at 972-438-2530 Diagnostic Repair Electrical Repair Engine Repair A/C Service and more Emission Repair Email: Domestic, Imports, European Insured: 14-15 Certificate A At Profleet Services we take pride in taking care of all of our customer's vehicle fleet maintenance. We are a mobile fleet service company. With more than 25 years of experience and training, we are ASE certified in: A/C, auto electrical, brakes, and engine performance engine performance. We are also schooled in shredder repair and maintenance. At Profleet Services we understand that a truck or car being down or out of service can take away from your profits and cause you customers as well. So, at Profleet Services, we are committed in quick turnaround to get you back on the road, as well show you that your needs are first when are working with you and all of your facilities. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in calling us. We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex: Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, Arlington, Irving, Denton, Plano, and surrounding areas. We work on the following truck repairs type: motor truck, tow truck, trailer trucks, tractor trailer, dump truck, garbage truck, sound truck, fire engine, fire truck, pickup truck, ford truck, GM truck, Chevy truck, Dodge truck We work on the following car repairs type: automobile, gasoline engine, compact, taxi, electric, rental, sedan, mid size, economical, GM car, Ford car, Chevy car, Dodge car